Yelp Drinks: 26 Cities, 300 Bars and 1 Great Way to Find a New Watering Hole

Next week, 26 cities across the U.S. and Europe will kick off Yelp Drinks; a week-long happy hour from April 4th – April 10th (see full list of participating markets below). During Yelp Drinks, patrons will receive half off three of the participating bars’ best drinks (Advil not included). Yelp Drinks Week is all about encouraging locals to get out and explore some of the great businesses in their neighborhoods at a great price!

While preparing to kick off the drinking festivities, our Community Managers thought it would be fun to poll locals in their cities to find out more about how they imbibe. According to our polls a whopping 95% of respondents have expressed interest in Yelp Drinks. They also found out some interesting factoids about what their locals like to drink:

Yelpers' Signature Drinks
Interesting findings about yelpers’ signature drinks:
  • When it came to beer, Miller High Life scored some serious points… but not as many as the brewskies from Indianapolis’ Sun King Brewery!
  • Jack and Coke, a solid standby for many.
  • While yelpers threw out all kinds of vodka concoctions (from Dirty Shirleys to Tokyo Teas), the classic vodka soda is a clear crowd pleaser.
  • Finally, Dirty martini FTW! Yelpers are split on gin vs. vodka, but votes for the dirty martini out-numbered those for its “clean” counterpart.
Our favorite responses to “What would you buy Charlie Sheen if you saw him in a bar?”:
  • “Two and a half martinis”
  • “He should be buying me one”
  • “Chocolate milk”

Some other local fun facts:

  • Bottle service was voted Las Vegas' signature drink.
  • Minneapolitans had a difficult time choosing a favorite drinking game, with beer pong and flip cup neck-and-neck.
  • One in three Philadelphians prefers a Bloody Mary as their “hair of the dog” drink with beer coming in as a close second.

What are you still doing here? Check out Yelp Drinks next week in your city!

Markets Participating in Yelp Drinks:
Bay Area
Brooklyn, New York, Queens (Tri-Boro Bus Tour!)
Las Vegas
Nashville* save the date: May 9 – May 15, 2011
Orange County
San Antonio* save the date: June 6 – 10, 2011
Seattle* save the date: May 16 – 22, 2011
Silicon Valley
Washington, DC