Elite Event: Shochu Your Own Adventure

On Monday 7th March 50 lucky London Elites experienced an exclusive shochu and sake tasting at The Crane and Tortoise. As the queue of yelpers waited outside in the cold for the doors to open, The Crane and Tortoise's head bartender and manager Reo was shaking up some tasty treats behind the bar.

  Crane 1

As name tags were written and Elites, new and old, were welcomed they went on through to learn a little bit more about the history and hard work behind making shochu and sake by Chris Hughes from Tazaki Foods and Hiroyuki Ito from Takara Shuzo Co.

  Crane 2

After this education, generous sloshes of Takara (barley shochu) and Komaki (sweet potato shochu) were served up for thirsty elites in three traditional styles, on the rocks, with water and with green tea. The bustling kitchen brought out tray after tray of sushi, grilled octopus balls (takoyaki), squid salad, gyoza dumplings, crispy chicken bits and more.

  Crane 3

As even more food come out, chopsticks dived into the delisious food and moved onto the Jun (sugar cane shochu) and passion fruit cocktail. Yummy! We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Reo and his team at The Crane and Tortoise as well as Chris from Tazaki Foods and Hiroyuki Ito from Takara Shuzo Co.

  Crane 4

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Lizzie G and the London Crew

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