Glasgow Butchershop Bourbon Bash

Another month, another meating for the most useful, funny and cool Glasgow Elite members who found themselves herded into The Butchershop Bar & Grill on a spring(ish) evening. 30 plus Yelpers crammed into the New Yorkesque hot spot in Kelingrove for a spot of bourbon tasting, grub grabbing (we do love 'em haggis balls!) and general chit + chat: 'Oh hey, you look a lot bigger than your profile picture!'


After milling, meeting and checking the meat weighing device hung on the wall for the time (I am the anti-Sheen… not winning), the tasting began in ernest. Do we know what bourbon is? Is Rye different from bourbon? Can we have another please? The answer to all of these questions, well apart from the last one, were provided by the engaging Gordon from Eaux de Vie. Showing off three bourbons from the Heaven Hill Distillery, Gordon treated us to the different flavours and identities of Ewan Williams, Old Fitzgerald (not Ella) and Rittenhouse Rye. 

With the assistance of Nicola (or was it Susan?) from the Butchershop, yelpers sniffed, swirled and gulped down an eye opening wee collection of the amber nectre from across the pond. Never a bunch to hold back, our group fired comments, questions and just a slight hint of banter at our expert Gordon.

But wait! Where are the nibbles? Where are the pictures of the short lived yum worthy treats that our hosts provided? Easy now people, they're on the way! 

And that folks, wraps 'er up for another month. Once again, it was great to see all the regualar faces, fantastic to meet the new folks in person (put a handshake to the face) and generally have a good wee night out. My special thanks go out to The Butchershop Bar and Grill for hosting us on the night, to the wonderful Lizzie F for taking these superb photo-ma-graphs and to my newly aquired intern Jessie D for taking the micky out of me at every opportunity.

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Chris D