Yelp Chicagoland Elites Smash It Up!

Just as Snowpocalypse 2011 started blowing through the suburbs, Yelp Elites made the trip with gusto to Chicagoland's first SmashBurger location for the Smash Social! The VIP experience began with tray after tray of signature smashburgers (both the Windy City and Sin City burgers were featured) in addition to smashsalads, smashfries, smashchicken and even fried pickles and veggie frites.

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As Elites filled up on sensational savories, they also sampled Haagen-Daaz milkshakes. Naturally, the Chicago-inspired Green River in a bottle was a huge hit! For those more interested in adult bevvies, the choices were plentiful with local Goose Island beers, Anheuser-Busch products and Barefoot wines.

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A few especially brave souls got busy in the SmashBurger kitchen by smashing up and banging out burgers alongside the grill-savvy SmashBurger staffers. Candice G didn't mind dirtying up her hands, commenting "just because I'm a vegetarian doesn't mean I can't slip into the kitchen, slap on a rubber glove, and SMASH out some meat every now an again." Well done, C!

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A special thanks to the SmashBurger staff for truly going the extra mile and making us feel so welcome in your home, and to Elite yelper Andres D for lending his extraordinary photography prowess. Check out his photos here, and feel free to review the event here!

'Til next time… stay warm and SYOY!

Jelena Z