Yelp Chicago Goes Down South

Did you know that Chicago has a Lower West Side? It does. Although, those in the know call it, “Pilsen.” And those who are really in the know knew to show up for Pilsen’s premier event: Yelp’s Passport to Pilsen Launch Event @ Lacuna. Over 350 invited yelpers took advantage of Yelp’s first foray into art, commerce and music at the top spot for cool times on the South Side of Town.

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 Starting with a freight elevator ride up to the 4th floor, yelpers were introduced to Lacuna in a big way.  The refurbished macaroni factory played host to over 30 businesses for yelpers to enjoy. From photography, to painting, to sculpture, to clothes & interior design, yelpers were able to get a sneak peek at the future of art in the Windy City — and enjoy some amazing deals as guests used their passports to nab savings on all the goods.

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All that shopping can make a guy or gal pretty hungry and thirsty. It’s a good thing that The Market Bistro, Shokran Moroccan Cuisine, PopChips, Chimney Cake Island, and the Churro Factory were on hand to rescue grumbling tummies.  Mouth-watering liquid refreshment was represented in a big way courtesy of BridgePort IPA, BridgePort Cafe Negro, BridgePort Hop Czar, BridgePort Kingpin, Dewars Scotch Whisky, Tito’s Vodka, Honest Tea, and Zodiac Vodka.  These luscious libations kept the mood festive and yelpers partying.

5471731244_685ab42cba_b 5471734696_1496ba660e_b 5471750090_3deeb76cd1_b 5471760042_36b1d7178d_b! Cage and Aquarium Productions kept the beats bumping with old-school tunes all night long while Calm Palm Vapor, 52nd St Trio, Good Evening, and Panda Riot entertained guests at various venues throughout the event. No matter where you went, you were sure to be toe tapping… and getting your picture taken. The photographic geniuses of Jimmy Fishbein Photography performed double (triple? Quadruple?) as they hosted with the mosted, offered incredible Passport deals, took pictures of the entire event from start to finish, and set up a step &repeat that would make Joan Rivers jealous!

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Don’t take our word for it. Check out all the beautiful pictures here. Review the event here. And, most importantly, sign up to take part of this Passport here. If you believe art has a vital place in the fabric of Chicago, take some time to support the businesses that make it possible. Special thanks to D'Absolute Catering and M & M Event Planning for spectacular service and set-up.

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 Road trippin’

 Johnny T