Salt Lake City Elites Know Yelp is Not a Dating Site

Yelp is not a dating site, but it is a great way to meet other urban adventurers who love to explore their neighborhood. Salt Lake City Elites new and old gathered at The Chocolate, a dessert café in West Jordan, to make connections with their fellow yelpes and indulge in some sweet treats.

Chocolate exterior  Choco chairs  Choco owners

What better way to get to know fellow yelpers than a seriously intense game of Find-A-Yelper-Who? Elites and guests alike were scouring the crowds to find someone with great shoes, an only child, or anyone who would dance "The Elaine". Yelpers also submitted their worst Valentine's Day experience or online dating horror story and got to vote on the best… er… worst of the bunch.

Find a yelper  Choco mingle  Choco voting

And then came the treats. Brownies, lemon bars, cupcakes, a chocolate cake called "The Cherub," and delicious sugar cookies. Round after round of rich, sugary goodness washed down with chocolatey drink concoctions and broken up with palate-cleansing bites of salted citrus, tart apple, and cheese.

Choco brownies  Drink menu  Choco apples  Choco cake

Whether it was the sugar high, or the pure excitement of meeting so many other rad new yelpers, everyone wanted a way to remember the night. Love Sarah Photography was on hand to capture each relationship on camera, despite some unique interpersonal dynamics.

Choco dating  Choco smitten
Choco complicated  Choco offer

After all the raffle prizes had been given away, the booze bottled up, and the sugar comas fully embraced, everyone had made a new friend or two. Sure, Yelp is not a dating site. But it does bring great people together for good times!


Until next time – see you on Yelp!

Jeffrey S – Yelp SLC Community Manager