East Bay’s Retro. Future. Dance. Party.

Hotsy Totsy was definitely hot and definitely not for tots this past Wednesday at the Yelp Elite Event at the Hotsy Totsy. It was a combination of grooving, glitter, glam, goofiness, and just good old Barbarella "adult" themed fun. The moment yelpers walked inside Hosty Totsy, sporting their tinfoil antennae, tight white leather skirts, and fuzzy hats, they were greeted by a haze of fog, glistening balloons, space-age retro decorations, and a shimmer adorned staff.  Joe B gushed: " It felt like you were entering another world of 70s, boobs, and go-go boots."

Attendees couldn't get enough of Hotsy Totsy's stellar cocktails: aptly named Rocket Fuel and Planet Pluto, made from Death's Door Gin and Tequila Revolucion. Egan B was particularly partial to the "delectable dizzying" punches of the eventing, his favorite –  beautifully comprised of "vodka, grapefruit, elderflower, and cranberry. Quite the tasty yet potent cocktail." And there's only thing better than solid well crafted drinks – "energetic and entertaining bartenders!" The staff at Hotsy Totsy put their all into the night. They were slinging drinks with massive smiles, face paint, and tons of futuristic sass, while space themed adult movies played in the background.
Hotsy 2
Eric B and Alice A soaked up the delectable drinks with unreal carne asada and chicken tacos, plus all the fix-ins in a wondrous buffet from Tacos El Autlense Taco Truck. Each taco was wrapped in a perfectly warmed tortilla and was filled with an abundance of love. Alice A adored the fact that Autlense Taco Truck is regularly stationed outside Hotsy Totsy every Thursday – Sunday from 9:30pm to 1:30am. She revealed: "now I know where to get my late night snack fix.  In fact I woke up at 3am last night craving and wishing that I had had just one more taco before hitting the road."
Hotsy3 Once fully satiated with powerful drinks and stupendous street tacos, yelpers looked to DJ Annabelle to lead the way on the dance floor. And brought it – she did. With full flair, DJ Annabelle unleashed epic retro beats, that had Eugene L, Nique F, and Yelp's own Ruggy J, Monica S, Abby S, and even Miles H (the new Yelp intern) breaking out timeless moves on the floor. From "Nude on the Moon" to "Xanadu," Annabelle played it all, while "Robbie" the Robot (Hotsy Totsy's mascot of the night) watched on in wonder. 

In the spirit of the retro futuristic dance party, the lovely Cressie Mae charmed yelpers with her magical face painting skills. Lizz E raved about her "purple and silver David Bowie stripes," while other yelpers sported tiny black dots, and face masks across their faces, courtesy of the spunky face painter.  Troy M disclosed "3 face washings, a shower and 24 hours later, there is still glitter on my face and tequila in my system. Awesome!"
Hotsy 5
Nique F summarized the evening perfectly: "The Hotsy Totsy party was the stuff of dreams. Warm mini corn tortillas, juicy hunks of steak, salsa squeeze tubes. Any opportunity to dress up like disco aliens, drink booze disguised as grapefruit juice, and bust into a smokey dance circle… I'm there." You can see all of What's Up Fun for yourself here thanks to Stay Reddy photography!

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