Kansas City Elites Get Lucky!

It was a regular score-o-rama on Wednesday night when Kansas City Elites showed up to bowl, drink, eat and mingle at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in the Power and Light District.

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Before getting into bowling teams, everyone stepped up to the bar for cocktails made with Three Olives Vodka (in a variety of vibrant flavors) and enjoyed an array of appetizers provided for us by Lucky Strike, including fried mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, chips and queso, grilled vegetable skewers and more.

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Armed with both nourishment and liquid courage, they hit the lanes and it was all about the strikes and spares from here on out (thought some of us might have wallowed in the gutters). Either way, Yelp Elites wipe the floor with style.

IMG_4545  IMG_4451 IMG_4430

Many thanks to Al and the rest of the staff at Lucky Strikes Lanes & Lounge, Lee Page and Travis Joyal of Page Communications. Be sure and see the rest of the photos by Chloe Mann on flickr and by Yelp Elite, Daniel H on the review page.

As Brandi C puts it so well, "while we Yelpers are a fun and friendly bunch, most of us don't seem to be the type to win any bowling championships any time soon! But everyone looked like they were having a great time, whether they bowled well, badly, or not at all."

And that includes your Community Manager, of course, getting 'em in the gutter almost every time!


Until next time, SYOY!

Joi B

Yelp Kansas City Community Manager