Dublin Does Cocktails @ Copan!

Copan brought some Cuban heat to the club, quite literally it was hot and steamy with all the thirsty Dublin Yelp Elite Squad in the house. To quench our thirst Copan welcomed everyone of us with a tasty mimosa… Mmm mimosa.


Due to the group being so big we split up, half learned how to make a refreshing mojito and the other half took a tour of the stunning venue that is Copan. Bartender Steve challenged the Yelpers to make a mojito in under 30 seconds without breaking anything – alas no winners BUT what Copan did note is that Dublin Yelpers believe in liberal portions of rum in their mojitos, you do Yelp proud lads!


Paul, the other talented bartender, explained to us all about the history of Copan and how it is Ireland's busiest cocktail venue. With it's Mayan inspired interior and it's state of the art lighting and sound system this spot pushes the bar when it comes to savouring quality cocktails in a stunning setting. It also is a great place to watch the football! We all marveled at the statue outside in the heated patio that I believe was in honour of virgins… Oddly no Yelper accepted the honour.


Both groups reunited in a sea of Yelp love to drink yet another cocktail, Exotic Passion, that Paul and Steve threw together in no time. The refreshing vodka, passion fruit liqueur, strawberry liqueur, pineapple and grapefruit juice was just what the Mayan priest ordered! The folks at Copan also treated the Yelpers to a platter of party bites.


A huge thank you goes to Copan – Ciaran was wonderful in the whole planning of the event. Paul and Steve did a fantastic job keeping us entertained and educated in all things cocktail. Finally the biggest thank you goes to you dear folks for giving Yelp your time and making the night so much fun! Remember you can gossip about the night here! You can write your review of the event here! Finally you can drool over the photos that were taken by the talented Claire Nash here!


Till next month, all my best!

Annie L