Providence’s First EVER Elite Event: The ZipZappy SlapHappy Hour!

The Providence Elite Squad may be small, but, as was demonstrated this past Tuesday evening, they are certainly mighty! Not knowing quite what to expect out of a Yelp Elite Event, a ballsy collective of twenty or so Elites came out with their plus-ones to The Salon in Downcity Providence thinking they would nervously sip drinks and nibble on crackers while darting uncomfortable glances at each other. Little did they and their guests know, this pahtay of fifty would soon become THE place to be in the P-V-D!

Zappy 1

With the gentle nudgings of Yelpita Margaritas with Milagro Silver Tequila, Yelpy Temples with Stoli Vodka, and Blue Moon Beer (all courtesy of RI Distributing), the ice was broken and conversation flowed. Bass filled the space courtesy of The Get Lively Experiment, his selections unabashedly declaring his split love affair with eighties rock and house beats. With booze and their bellies and mashed-up songs in their hearts, partygoers snacked on lamb and buffalo kofte, curried meatballs, and poblano quesadillas crafted by World's Fare Chef Chris Oliveri.

Zappy 2

The highlight of the night: two sets from The Extraordinary Rendition Band, who Marco D swears "raised the energy of the party to fanatic levels." Their brass and drum covers of electronic pop songs turned ass-kickingly acoustic got the roof sufficiently raised!

Zappy 3

Huge shout out to Stephanie Ewens for making The ZipZappy SlapHappy Hour look even MORE fun with her killer photography! Big ups to Ethan, all-awesome owner of The Salon, who took a risk and opened his doors to the still blooming Yelp Community in Providence. Read the reviews: they're already planning on going back to The Salon for more!

ZippityZapped and SlappilyHapped,


Briana M, Providence Community Manager