Honolulu Elites Get Hairy at Pablo’s Cantina!

On a cool and breezy, beautiful night this week, 120 Honolulu Yelp Elites rang in a new year of elitedom by donning mustaches, goatees, uni-brows and more in celebration of The Revenge of Senior Mustachio at Pablo's Cantina!

Yelp-PablosCantina-2370 Yelp-PablosCantina-2395 Yelp-PablosCantina-2417 Yelp-PablosCantina-2423

Yelpers layered on the hair in both the usual (upper lip, lower chins) and unusual (underarms, backs, shirts, fingers) spots in between sipping on tasty margaritas and house draft beers. All the while the amazing staff at Pablo's Cantina served up chicken flautas, cheese enchiladas, chili wings, mini Mexican pizzas, chips with fresh salsa, desserts, and more to munch on! Justin U chimed in that this was a "mustache party turned unibrow/sideburn/cheekhair/forehead hair/forearm patch party!"

Yelp-PablosCantina-2432 Yelp-PablosCantina-2442 Yelp-PablosCantina-2443 Yelp-PablosCantina-2446

As Leimalani F put it, "Mustaches bring out the best in people!!! (and you know who you are you hilarious Yelpsters!!!)" We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Yelp-PablosCantina-2527 Yelp-PablosCantina-2521 Yelp-PablosCantina-2514 Yelp-PablosCantina-2504

Did you miss out on the epic fiesta? Read the mucho bueno party reviews, peep in on Talk, & check out the muy caliente event photos taken by Augusto DeCastro!  

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Aloha and SYOY! (See You On Yelp)

Tiffany N