Yelp Chicago’s Historically Awesome Adventure

In a year that's seen Fantaseas, Summerfests and Yelp Helpings, there was no way Yelp Chicago could end 2010 without anything but a bang. It did. Highlighting the success of the Yelp Shops Local Pledge, the Chicago History Museum played host to over 700 guests who enjoyed a Holiday Blowout like none other. The venue, food, drink, and entertainment highlighted all that is wondrous about the Windy City.

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Lucky yelpers got a taste of the good life with savories from Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen, The Market Bistro, Nacional 27, NYC Bagel Deli, Chen's Chinese & Sushi, and Saigon Sisters. Between these excellent eateries, guests enjoyed falafel, tuna tartare, ceviche, fresh lox, crab rangoon, banh mi, and much more. Lest you think yelpers don't enjoy the sweet life, Luscious Layers Bakery, Ivy Uppercrust Pastry and the North & Clark Cafe kept the sugar rush coming with treats like chocolate stout moonpies, blondies, carrot cake, and other delectables.

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All those good eats can make a yelper a wee bit parched. Thankfully, folks were in the right place to quench their thirst. Diageo-Guinness USA debuted some of their latest libations and excited yelpers relished the flavor. Guinness Black Lager, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Smithwick's, Harp Lager, and Smirnoff varieties (like the popular Blueberry Lemonade) added the right hint of winter cheer to the most wonderful time of the year. Making guests forget they were in the chilly Midwest, the barons of Bacardi Silver brought island flare to the festivities with Raz, Mojito, Strawberry and Lemonade varieties. Landshark Lager, Rolling Rock and Shock Top rounded out the tropical trip. For those with a taste to drink a little closer to home, Half Acre, Crispin Cider and Metropolitan Brewing created broad smiles and warm bellies. It's a holiday miracle! And, for all those who preferred lighter fare, Vitamin & Smart Water proved to be the wise choice.

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As fantastic as the food and drink were, invitees had even more reason for cheer. The oddsmakers of Casino Party Planners brought Vegas to Chicago courtesy of their oxygen bar and blackjack & roulette tables. The money may have been fake, but the passion was very real. Music lovers had a triple threat of tantalization thanks to the hot beats of Cage & Aquarium Productions, the classy piano playing of Adis Sirbubalo and the soulful blues of John Wegman. If that wasn't enough, the entire Museum was open for exploration. So, between bites and sips, yelpers enjoyed the splendor of The World's Fair, desired a seat in a streetcar and said, "I Do!" It was quite a night.

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And there was even more. As guests arrived, the Santas of ZipCar collected toys for the benefit of The Boys & Girls Club of Chicago and took sign ups for post-party shuttles to the El! The Spruce Bruce of CityTree Delivery catered to your fir needs and the marvelous maestros of Magnolia Photo Booth Company captured holiday magic in their super-popular photo booth. Take a looksee here. What was that? You weren't there? Fortunate for you, the photographic phenoms Andres DeLeon and Laurence Asuncion captured the moment for you. Check out the pictures here and here. If you prefer the written word, attendees spilled the beans here.

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Merry Yelpmas to all and to all a good night,

Johnny T