2010: Yelp By The Numbers

2010 has been an especially exciting year for Yelp. We opened our 3rd Yelp office in Scottsdale, Arizona; introduced Yelp to 4 new countries: France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands and 25 cities worldwide and launched a whole slew of product updates from Yelp Deals to Check-in Offers.

But that’s just a small part of what our team accomplished — no, really! — so we thought it would be fun to break it down by the numbers. Because who doesn’t like a good stat (not to mention a pretty timeline to go along with it)?


In 2010:

  • We saw 50% growth in traffic in the past year with 39 million people relying on Yelp in November 2010.
  • Yelp is on track to close the year with 15 million reviews. Meaning more than 6 million reviews were written in 2010 alone — or more than 11 reviews were written every minute on Yelp.
  • You can now find Yelp in 8 countries, 4 languages and 50+ cities worldwide.
  • There are 600 Yelp employees worldwide; up a staggering 250 from 2009.
  • Our Community Managers hosted 900 events and published 2,000 Weekly Yelps.
  • 700 local businesses participated in Yelp marketing events such as “Hot on Yelp” and “Yelp Helps!”
  • Over 3,000 business owners dialed into our Yelp for Your Business Webinar series.
  • We had 5 major updates to our iPhone and Android applications, and added our 6th member to the mobile family: Windows 7 Phone.
  • Out of 300,000 apps, Yelp was named to Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame.
  • Now decreasing employee productivity: 3 Yelp Kegmates.
  • Last but not least, Steve Jobs mentioned Yelp 2 times (not that I was counting)

From the team at Yelp, we hope you have a happy Holiday season and we’ll see you in the new year!