Yelp Webinars: A Great Way to Stay Up to Speed on Product Updates

Business owners have an important voice on Yelp. We encourage them to claim this voice by unlocking their free business tools on

There are a lot of benefits to unlocking Yelp’s free business tools. One of them is a weekly email that summarizes business traffic, inbound phone calls and new business reviews.

In this week’s email, we talked about a series of webinars we’ve hosted on how to leverage Yelp’s free tools to better engage with your customers. Some folks were surprised to learn that nearly 1,000 business owners tuned in for the last one.

Given the continued interest, we’re hosting another one! Join us Thursday, November 11th at 11:00am PDT to learn how to put your best foot forward to current and potential customers — as well as keep up-to-date on all the exciting developments going on at Yelp.

For example, later this month, we’ll be building on top of Yelp Check-ins by introducing Check-in Offers. Check-in Offers are different from Sales and Special Offers, a popular feature we’ve had for over 2 years in which more than a half-million announcements have been created to-date. Yelp is a transactional website, and upcoming features like Check-in Offers help to further bridge online discovery and offline buying. In other words no one types “Sushi” near “Los Angeles” for fun.

(Mock-ups of some of the features we discuss on our popular webinars.)

Again, the best way to stay on top of your business’s presence on Yelp and updates to our product is by unlocking those free business tools. And, if you’re able to attend, join the 1,100+ business owners that have already registered for our next webinar.