Yelp Gets a Windows Phone 7 App

It’s no secret that mobile has been a huge focus for us this year. With over 2.6 million users in the past month, we’ve been developing like crazy on our iPhone and Android applications, and working hard to bring goodies to our other platforms. Couple that with our focus on rolling out Yelp in new countries and today you have an app made in heaven: the 6th member of the Yelp Mobile family, Windows Phone 7!


Available both to our yelpers in Europe and today, in the US, you can now do the following with Yelp 1.0 for Windows Phone 7.

  • Use location aware technology to find pubs, restaurants, shopping, etc. nearby
  • Read reviews for a business, browse photos, map its location and get directions

Never fear, as always, more features and fun will be rolled into this app soon. In the meantime, keep an eye out for other Yelp Mobile updates coming your way!