Now Available on iPhone: 3,500 Yelp Check-in Offers and Counting

You may have heard the news last Tuesday that we launched Yelp Check-in Offers: an extension of Yelp Check-ins that gives a way for businesses to reward their most loyal customers, while drawing new ones through their door. For yelpers, it’s a great way to save money or get free stuff for what you’re already doing: supporting the amazing businesses around you!

Over the weekend, we already more than doubled the amount of businesses offering Yelp Check-in Offers. Yelpers in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland (phew!) can now take advantage of nearly 3,500 deals — and today, they can do so now on both their Android and iPhone (Blackberry is on its way).

Yelpers: I explain in this video how Yelp Check-in Offers work and how consumers can unlock these offers on their Android or iPhone devices:


Businesses: Our Manager of Local Business Outreach, Luther Lowe, explains how business owners can upload their own free Yelp Check-in Offer here:


Additionally, we’ve created some Yelp Check-in Offer goodies for your business’ website, front desk, bar, menus, reception – you name it! – including a Yelp Table Tent and Card. Also check out our Flickr page for more downloadable, printable Yelp Bling.