Boston Elites Get Their Grind On at Taza Chocolate

Snozzberries are so 1971. Savvy yelpers in Boston know the real draw to any candy factory is the chocolate, and Taza's treats are second to none. The Somerville legend opened the doors of its revamped production facility and brand spankin' new retail space to 120 lucky golden ticket holders Tuesday. Guided tours by master chocolatier Mike and Taza co-founder Alex fed nuggets of edutainment to the hairnet-adorned Elites, covering all aspects of their old school, stone ground Mexican style of cocoa creation.

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In the retail space, Aaron from Russell House Tavern whipped up Karlsson Gold vodka, Averna, port and Taza chocolate extract cocktails for the mingling masses, while JJ and her Cuisine En Locale team passed "locavore friendly" snacks for between-nib nibbling. On the menu: Hungarian profiteroles with korozott, sage and cheddar puff pastry pinwheels with roasted hubbard squash seeds, napa cabbage chicken rolls drizzled with green tomato chutney, and the cocoa de gras, a layered beast of oat cookie, sweet onions, bleu cheese, bacon and caramelized Taza chocolate that "rocked" Alyssa J's "world to the point of near delirium." Gloop, there it is!

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From a dashing display that'd make 50 Cent jealous, yelpers sampled every product in Taza's shoppe and went home with a hand-wrapped Cinnamon or Guajillo Chile Mexicano chocolate wheel. April C left happy, calling this journey the event that "would make anyone, that's right ANYONE, want to be part of the chosen few who call themselves the 'Yelp Elite.'" Check's in the mail, April.

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Tatsu captured the photomagic here, the attendees are abuzz on Talk and the reviews are rolling in. Maybe next time we'll balance the karma dentata by taking over an orthodontist's office. The Drilla in Manilla? Attack of the Killer To-molars?

Nah, ruining your teeth is more fun.

Hugs and non-Hershey Kisses,

Damien S