Atlanta Elites Play Dead at No Mas! Cantina

Halloween isn't the end of costumes for Yelp, as evidenced by the impressive spread at Dia de los Yelpos, a Day of the Dead celebration at No Mas Cantina on November 2nd. 100 Yelp Elites and their guests, many tricked out in true skeleton style, came out to mourn lost loved ones in the most festive and fun way they knew how: with lots of food and margaritas!

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No Mas had a full spread set out for us with tamales, quesadillas, sopa, chicken mole, queso, and more! A true feast for even the hungriest members of the afterlife, with blood orange margaritas full of 1800 Silver Tequila to wash it all down. A photobooth provided by the crew at allowed the memories of the evening to be recorded in time forever… and ever.

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Even if you weren't able to make it out to this fabulous fiesta, you can check out all of the reviews here and the full set of photos from here. See you at the next one!

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