World Series = CM Showdown?

It doesn't get any bigger than this! Two cities that have never celebrated a World Series championship go head to head in this year's Fall Classic, and just as the mayors of Dallas and San Francisco are going head to head via a wager of hometown amenities, we thought that wasn't, well, yelpy enough. So our very own CMs Ruggy J (of San Francisco) and Nikki B (of Dallas) took on a modest wager of their own. 

Ruggy's offering up a bottle of the Bay Area's favorite Fernet, a pound of Philz coffee and a Tamale Lady tamale should the Rangers best the boys from the Bay. And for her part, should the Giants prevail, Nikki's parting with some classic BBQ from Mike Anderson's BBQ (though we wonder how that will ship), a bonafide "Don't Mess With Texas" belt buckle, and a sweet treat box from Dude, Sweet Chocolate!

Nikki's taking no prisoners:

Texas' beloved Ron Washington coined the phrase "That's just the way baseball go," and here at Yelp Dallas, we're ready to drop our antlers all over those Bay Area boys. Ruggy, I'll be sure to have a shot to salute both cities when my Fernet arrives. Go Rangers!

And Ruggy fires back:

I hadn't even heard of the Texas Rangers until three days ago. Are you sure the Giants aren't going head-to-head with the NHL's New York Rangers? Or is Chuck Norris taking the hill as Los Gigantes battle Walker, Texas Ranger? Whatever the case, Cody Ross, B-Wheezy and The Machine are ready to party, and we're ready to swim laps á la Scrooge McDuck in a sea of glorious DFW BBQ. Perhaps if you recruited the help of Tony Romo, that ragtag group of rednecks you call a baseball team would have a small chance. Oh, wait… nevermind. Giants in 6 games, amigos. Humm baby!

Play ball!