Toronto’s Return to Eliteness at Harlem

Like a pack of wild horses at the gate, Toronto's Elite Squad was chomping at the bit for their long-awaited Return to Eliteness at Harlem. With almost 100 days since the last party, game faces were primed, party shoes were shined, and expectations were mounting. But on Wednesday night the gates were opened, the drinks were flowin' and Toronto Elites were off to the races!

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Harlem Restaurant is a vibrant cross-section of art, culture, music and soul food, nestled in the core of T.O. The illustrious Elite ascended into a slender space that was perfect for this reunion. As Danielle F put it "a little squish adds to the party atmosphere." A little squished it certainly was, but in that good way. Did we mention that "EEEEEVERYBODY WAS THERE"? Because they were. It was a Yelp family reunion!

There was wave after wave of delicious hors d'oeuvres, Harlem style. Dumplings, and shrimps, and spicy rotis, oh my. No one left hungry after the bash, and even a few yelpers wished they hadn't had a bite to eat before!

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Independent Toronto brewery Steam Whistle came through with the brews, and Harlem concocted a rocking rum punch that was truly was a knockout. 

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With legendary DJ Carl Allen on staff, Harlem takes pride of their live music cred. Yelp Elite minds were blown when flautist Jef Kearns (that's right, flautist) whipped out his woodwind and jammed over the R&B, hiphop and jazz emanating from his trusty iPod. Scrubs + Flute = are-you-kidding-me levels of awesome. It worked out swimmingly for Wendy H: "Guys on flutes with hip-hop playlists + rum punch = my two favourite things in the universe." Glad we could Yelp!

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Many thanks to Elite yelper and all-around-awesome shutterbug Stephanie C who helped photograph the entire evening. And of course to the incomparable Crystal H, who worked her magic behind the scenes.

Oh, and the best part, according to Kent P? "The bartender looked like Rihanna. Meow!"

Until next time, SYOY!

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Vivek S.

Toronto Community Manager