NYC Exclusive Elite Tour Of Essex Market

To market, to market to buy a fat … Elite Event!

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On Thursday Manhattanites of the Yelp kind gathered in fine form to celebrate one of NYC's most esteemed foodie institutions, Essex Street Market. For the first time ever they opened after dark to celebrate another momentious landmark coming to the market on November 6th: they are opening on Sundays! Elite yelpers got an intimate look at the market, meeting the vendors, sampling treats and shaking a (fattened) leg to our live band, Roosevelt Dime.

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Pain d'Avignon, Roni-Sue's Chocolates, Boubouki, Jeffrey's Meats, Tra la la Juice Bar, Porto Rico Importing Co, Essex Farm, New Star Fish Market, Viva Fruits, Saxelby Cheese and Batista market came together to serve up savory and sweet samples of their best goods. And Honest Tea was on hand to wash all these delectable delights down.

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Not only that but all this delicious decadence was then celebrated to the full tilt at Essex restaurant where Starr African Rum Champagne Mojitos and Fire Island brews were served complimentary following the excesses of Essex Market. For those who still had tummy grumbles, oysters on the half shell, crab cakes with chipotle aioli sauce, BBQ pulled pork sliders and a whole lotta other deliciousness came out by the poundful.

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I hope you all enjoyed this Elite treat! Check out the reviews, photos and talk thread and until next time…

SYOY (See you on Yelp)!

Jane K.

Yelp NYC Community Manager