Indy Elites Celebrate Halloween at New Day Meadery’s Tasting Room!

Tina Turner was right. We don't need another hero! We have the Yelp Indy Elite Squad, New Day Meadery & Goose the Market! At the Fountain Square hotspot, New Day's Tasting Room, our heroes came together for a Halloween honey wine happening that was the bee's knees!


While Bill the DJ kept the beat for the Elites, Christopher Eley, Top 50 butcher in America, owner of Goose the Market, arrived in style with a stretch-limo of charcuterie that featured salmon pastrami, camembert, mortadella and beyond! Also offered was his housemade giardiniera for the Elite Squad to have a crack at assembling their own version of his Batali — Bon Appetit's #1 sandwich in America!

Brett & Tia, owners of New Day Meadery, & Co. poured the Meads they make so well. From the traditional Dry Mead to the Dry Red Raspberry to the Semi-Sweet Plum Wine, their Mead had yelpers' palettes pleased to no end!

The Elite Squad came dressed in their favorite Halloween suits, to boot!

Gnomes arise out of the elixir of Elites, Charcuterie & Mead!

One thing is certain… People will Mead Again!


Jon A

Yelp Indy – Community Manager