Charlotte Elites Celebrate Celebrity Cliches!

When Charlotte Elites became privy to the Celebrity Cliche Charade Yelp Event, they immediately conjured some of the most creative and hysterical get ups this town has ever seen. What came to be only weeks later was an evening full of controlled mayhem that only a celebrity cliche could appreciate! 

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Elites were treated to one of the most beautiful views in all of Charlotte at Loft 1523! The shine of the city lights certainly illuminated the fabulous and highly creative costumes inside. Thanks to the talented DJ, Elites got down to a myriad of tunes ranging from Michael Jackson to Christina Aguliera. And every cliche was represented, from the Annie W's "hot mess" to Jared Y's "Brad Pitt between films. Plus, Melissa B was ready to rumble and take down some misbeheavin' celebrities as the token policewoman of the evening.

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Elites snacked on delicious wraps and pub goodies from Mortimer's Cafe & Pub while washing it down with a bevy of beverage options. New Belgium poured to the Elites' content with bottles full of fantatic Fat Tire, Ranger and 1554 Black Ale. And for the grape seekers, Palm Bay International offered incredible Chilean carmenere and chardonnay from Montgras.

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As the party came to a close, the best celebrity cliche incarnations were coronated. The big winners of the night included Pourina R, as half of the famed Cheech & Chong duo, and Melissa B for her dedication to serving the letter of the law!

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Photographer extroadinare Jeff Portaro had his work cut out for him snapping up photos of these would be celebs. Check out his paparazzi skills on our Flickr page and you just may find a new profile pic! If you were famous enough to attend, tell us what you thought and review the charade on Yelp!

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Thanks again to all of our incredible sponsors and chic guests. Until next time…SYOY!

Nicole W. (that's bananas)