You Want Great Views? Find It On Yelp

Last week, Yelp passed the 13 million review mark — and it’s no secret that because our community is sharing all these great reviews, that Yelp has become the best place to find a local business. But did you know that Yelp is also a resource to help you find “dog-friendly” B&Bs, campgrounds with the “best view,” even beaches that have “great waves”?

Because we have millions of reviews and counting, that means we have a massive wealth of content that can provide a rich snapshot of, well, anything. Not just businesses. For example, if you do a search for “best views” in San Francisco, guess what comes up? Reviews for Land’s End Park, Corona Heights Park, California Coastal Trail and much more.

Picture 1

Let’s go ahead and try “dog friendly” in New York. You get a variety of businesses, parks and services that all aim to please you and your pup.

Not bad, right?

The sheer amount and quality of reviews on Yelp ensures that we can provide specified and local insight on anything from a “romantic spot” to take your date in Austin to finding the most authentic “Ethiopian coffee” in London. And while we’re happy to also provide lightweight ways for yelpers to contribute on the go, we’re able to leverage the rich content from to give you the same in-depth information and insight on your mobile device.

How does it feel to have the power of 13 million reviews in your back pocket?