Vancouverites Prove It’s Okay, Wearing White After Labour Day

So what if it was raining and pouring in Vancouver this weekend. At Mis Trucos, "the rain did not just go away, it felt like the sun was shining bright, and the heat was on" and elites, all dressed in white, were whooping it up said Simon K.  Pitcher after pitcher of white and red sangria poured while Red Truck filled pint after lager pint.


"Crispy bread wrapped prawn with the garlic aioli and polenta fries with cheese fondue topping tasted sooooo good!" Vincci L "also found out that it's now on the menu!" DJ for the day, and owner, Kris, kept the music coming while yelpers enjoyed more afternoon snacks — a tapas bar and all!


Yelpers revealed their true artistic side, doodling on the communal canvas. Meanwhile a competition ensured everyone learned something colourful about their fella party goers [underwear]. The least dressed yelpers (who went commando) were awarded brand spanking new Yelp knickers and the best dressed took home Post Secret signed coffee table books!


Read the reviews and browse all of the clean and bright pics on Flickr. Thanks Larry L, Vincci L and new poppa Raymond O for lending your creative framing!

Until our next white out, SYOY!


Crystal H