Portland Yelpers Keep Street Lunch Kla$sy With A Food Cart Flash Mob!

Portland Yelpers sure know how to do lunch at the food carts in style. While others stand around on a sidewalk trying to hold food with one hand and eat with another, all while avoiding dripping on their business casual, the PDX Elite roll heavy and bring street-side dining to a whole new level.

CIMG0010SM Table chargersSM

On Friday the 13th, a flash-mob of Portland Yelpers descended upon the SW 3rd and Washington food cart pod with a table, table-cloth, chairs, and even gold chargers (thanks to Jen K)! With a group as big as 25 at one point and the temperatures hovering near 90, the cart-food from Built to Grill, Gin Northern Thai, Korean Twist, Portland Smoothie Co and more was enjoyed by all. Add in the popsicles and ice-cream sandwiches Jeannie J brought for dessert were a HUGE hit!

 A big thanks to all of the Yelpers, both new and old-school, who braved this gorgeous afternoon to come out and eat some of the best street food in the world. A huge thanks to Jen K and Jeannie for bringing some fun accoutrement. Next time, I'm bringing a candelabra.

Until then, SYOY!

–Don B.