From the Yelp Workshop

At Yelp, we’re constantly at work on exciting developments. Whether it’s rolling out Yelp Daily Deals or building back end features that you may not necessarily see, our team is always tinkering to make the site easier and more enjoyable to use. And this week we’ve rolled out several features that fall under our mantra of Useful, Funny and Cool that we wanted to share with you!

You may have already been familiar with a feature called Review Highlights that we launched several months ago for restaurants and bars. For businesses that have a lot of content, our magical “Yelp Robots” (constructed by our talented Yelp Engineers) analyze reviews, pulling out the tastiest and most relevant nuggets for your reading pleasure. Today we’ve not only made Review Highlights even better, but we’ve also added them to a handful of other business categories including hotels, museums, landmarks and amusements parks. We’re hoping this makes it even easier for you to determine if a business, service or, er, gigantic green monument fits your needs.



We’ve also updated the way you can share reviews via a new feature called “Review Share.” Yelpers far and wide had been asking us for a way to keep track of the places they’ve checked in on Yelp so they can remember to review those businesses in the future. Well, ask and you shall receive!



Now after you’ve written a review, you get a friendly reminder about drafts you may have started, places you’ve made a reservation, added a photo to or checked in at. C’mon, if you’re the Duke or Duchess, you should really be letting people know why you’re rocking the royalty!

We’ve also heard — and we agree! — that one of the great things about using Yelp is you can get a good sense of a business by checking out all the photos that people have uploaded. And because you yelpers love to snap pics of your dishes, duds, dogs, and more, we made it even easier for you to share! Instead of having to upload one at a time, now you can upload multiple pics at once!



And last but not least: we just updated our wildly popular Yelp Android app! Now you can find your Yelp friends via Facebook and your Address Book, as well as mucho improvement in search.

Don’t worry — this isn’t all we have in our bag of tricks. Expect more Yelp bells and whistles on the site and our apps coming your way soon!