Everybody Was Kung-Fu Yelping!

Yelp's LA West Elite Squad tightened their black belts in Yelp and headed to newly opened Rok Sushi in Hermosa Beach last night for a karate-chopping, high-kicking good time.

Rok Sushi 50
Rok Sushi 65
Rok Sushi 135
In keeping with the fierce Bruce Lee theme, Rok's bartenders served up a steady stream of their famous "Bruce Leemonade" cocktail as well as their popular watermelon-cucumber cooler. Rok Saké was also on hand to serve up tastings of their premium Sake. 

Rok Sushi 32
Rok Sushi 119
Rok Sushi 132
When they weren't slurping these irresistable libations, the Elites and their guests munched on an impressive offering of Japanese appetizers, specialty rolls and handmade desserts courtesy of the Rok Sushi kitchen.

Rok Sushi 120
Rok Sushi 44  Rok Sushi 68

Between raffle prizes, origami sessions and general Yelp-merriment, the LA West Elites hardly had time to say hiiiiya!

Check out the reviews and photos of the event and see for yourself!

And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next LA event!

Christina Y– san: LA West Community Manager