Yelp for iPhone Updated! We Go Medieval on Check-Ins


As we noted last week,
we recently submitted our 5th major iteration to our iPhone app. Today,
we’re happy to announce that it’s live!


As it rolls out of the App
Store over the next few hours (don’t worry if you don’t see it yet,
it’s coming!), we thought we’d give you a sneak peek on some of the
badges and titles you can earn, and remind you about the features.

Now when a user checks-in to a combination of businesses, they will be able to earn “Yelp Badges.” Badges you earn will help show off where you’re checking in. For
example, if a yelper loves to get their nigiri on at sushi restaurants,
they can earn the “Sushi Sensei” badge. The Sensei badge is only one of
many badges you can unlock — it’s up to YOU to figure out how! Once
earned, badges can be shared with friends both via the Yelp iPhone app,
as well as on Twitter and Facebook.




If users are checking into the same businesses in a given time period and/or neighborhood, they can also earn “Royal” status.  Got
the most check-ins at a business?  You’re the Duke, good sir (or
Duchess, for the ladies).  Most Dukedoms in a ‘hood? You’re the Baron!
Most in the city? You’re the King!

Photo 4

enhancements also include the ability to search for members on Yelp as
well as some bug fixes to make sure everything is tip top.
 And don’t you worry Android lovers, these updates are coming at you real soon!