Yelp Brooklyn Gets Uncommonly Unkosher!

Bacon doughnuts. 'Nuff said.

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Oh, you need more? Well, last night the best of Brooklyn Yelp converged on Traif, a tremendously tasty newcomer to the Southside Williamsburg dining scene. Named after the Hebrew term for unkosher foods, this pork and shellfish wonderland is the brainchild of chef and co-owner, Jason Marcus, who swiftly seared, sizzled and served scrumptious items off of Traif's magnificent menu.

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The insatiable yelpers were treated to an incredible amount of unkosher delights, including seared foie gras topped with a quail egg, bacon-wrapped blue
cheese-stuffed dates, braised pork cheeks and those beautiful bacon

doughnuts! Chris K quite rightly described it all as "innovative, in plenty, and indescribably delicious. The standing
ovation (thunderous) was well deserved."

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Equally impressive were the high-quality, handmade Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey cocktails from the premier New York State Farm Distillery, Finger Lakes
, which paired perfectly with the porky menu. Some spiced up their life with the Red Pearl, a jalopeno-infused, Thai basil cocktail, and still more mellowed out with the green tea-based, minty Moroccan Whiskey.

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A huge thanks to the chef and the rest of the Traif staff for making a Monday memorable, welcoming us into their wonderful space, including the beautiful back garden (with a canopy of
and putting up with the voracious vultures that are the NYC Elite Squad. Don't forget to peep the rest of the photos
from Julian Mackler Studios, read the reviews, and Talk to us. Until next time…

and the Yelp NYC Team