The Yelp Summer Classics Party

There's nothing like a good summer classic and Yelp Elite is as classic
as you can get, right?



On Tuesday evening, Kansas City Elites and their guests braved the heat index of 1,000 (that's no exaggeration at all!) and donned their barest summer finest to attend the Yelp Summer Classics Party at Thomas


They met. They mingled. Say, is that the King of Kansas City, Tiger W?


They sipped: classic summer cocktails, compliments of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, which Erin M appreciated, "The Sweet and Yelp Elite was a tasty raspberry explosion…and went down perhaps a bit too quickly!" Other favorites included the Kansas City Sidecar, and The Great White Shark Bite, compliments of Barton brands.  Ellen
provided the classic tunes on the cello, which Lydia A appreciated. "Thanks to Ellen for providing beautiful background music."


They savored: Thomas' classic comestibles including a fruit and cheese plate, bruschetta, and beef tips with burgundy mushrooms. "The buttermilk chicken dish was *to die* for" according to Susan N, and Rhonda S's favorite of the hummus trio was the chipotle: "It was so good. It mimicked
nachos." Nothing like the deliciousness of nachos without the nacho guilt!

They braved: the relentless sun and heat and the great white terror of the kiddie pool to pose for photo ops with Monica Cole.


It sure was sizzlin' on the rooftop patio of Thomas that evening-was it the weather or the intensity of all of those Elites in one place that caused the Yelp burst fall off the backdrop?!

While the humidity proved too much for duct tape, nothing stops Yelp KC Elite from staying brilliant and strong! In the words of Kelly N, "The simple fact that I was motivated to speak to people that I never met
before I went there speaks volumes of the clever, classy, stylish, and
witty bunch who are the KC yelpers and guests."

Thank you so much to Kevin and his fantastic staff at Thomas for having us! And thank you to the Kansas City Elite Squad for coming out.

See more photos at the flickr page and be sure to read the reviews (and write one of your own!)

Til next time, stay classic and



Joi B