New York Elites Lookout From The Crow’s Nest at The Water Club

Ahoy, matey! It was a balmy summer evening on the East River when a couple hundred Elites arrived in style at the Water Club. While the well-heeled dined downstairs, the enviable Elites climbed upstairs to the seasonal outdoor bar with sweeping views. As Rae F chirped, "The view at the Crow's Nest was magnificent. I could see across the pond to my home of Queens!"

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Many an (in)famous yelper made an appearance, perusing the mini-burger and hot dog bar outside, taking Sagatiba Cachaça shots with sugared strawberry chasers, cooling off with Coronas and watching the boats go by. 

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As the caipirinhas kicked in, the Southwestern food bar inside got hopping as folks scooped up some dips, chips and delicious bites. Peter D manned the corner wine bar, serving up Pinot Grigios and Cabernets to starstuck Elites, triggering a few double takes and several photo ops.

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Winding down the evening, yelpers caught rides to the 6 train courtesy of the Zipcar crew, since a night like this could could not be capped on foot. A big thank you to the incredible staff at the Crow's Nest for making it a night to remember!

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And don't think we're taking time to rest, everyone better get amped for a preppy party for the ages at the Randall's Island Golf Center next Monday. Want to come? Get on the list here!

Jane K

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