Yelp Eats! Week

Having champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but living on beer hopes and burrito budgets? Get ready to have it all, with a week of princely dining at pauperly prices – during Yelp Eats!

June 21st through the 27th, take a big bite out of our annual Yelp Eats! week in 9 cities across the U.S. including Austin, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Diego and St Louis.

Savor decadent prix fixe menus from 140 yelper-approved restaurants at discounts you can’t afford to miss. Check out your city for prices, participating businesses and menus!

Reservations are highly recommended (don’t forget to mention Yelp Eats!) before chowing down. Now only one question remains: Where did you put those stretchy pants…?

Bon appétit!