Yelp’s Pre-Memorial Day Elite Party

America… F*** Yeah! Yelpers united at Jimmy's Famous American Tavern yeah! Before BBQing the holiday weekend away, over 150 elites gathered at the new Point Loma hot spot for a Yelp-riotic celebration of red, white, and blue. 

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In true American form, yelpers devoured grilled cheeses with chilies, sliders, deviled eggs, shrimp, onion rings and more while washing it down with tray passed alcohol selections. The Stone IPA, Maker's Mark Sasseracks, and red and white wines left the elite squad purple-mouthed and peppy for pics next to our country's flag. We pledge allegiance to all things JFAT! The staff rocked our American socks off.

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Huge props to the yelpers who came dressed for the occasion. The stars and stripes blended in perfectly with the beautiful marinalicious background. Yacht-zee, anyone? Jimmy's location reminded us that we're proud to be Americans…and yelpers.

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Danny W