Yelp’s Elite Open House at 12 Gallagher Lane!

San Francisco Yelp Elites sported their finest duds for a swanky soiree at the new SOMA gallery, 12 Gallagher Lane – a Hunt Slonem Gallery. Though Hunt himself wasn't around to share in the magical evening, Yelpers were treated to an eyeful of his exotic works from his latest installation, Spring Awakening, all while sippin' on vino of the Napa Valley variety with Redemption and Swanson wineries, and nibbling on the new Intense Dark chocolate from our pals at Ghirardelli.


For a photo recap of the night's events, head to the Yelp Flickr page here (thanks Ting!). For reviews of the cocktail mixer, click here!

*A note about Ghirardelli's new Intense Dark Chocolate:

As America's longest
operating chocolate manufacturer, Ghirardelli has established its
as America's premium chocolate company for more than 150 years

Intensive quality
in the selection of cocoa beans means that Ghirardelli
accepts only the highest-quality beans. They reject as many as 40% of
the beans that are offered to us. Beans that are not selected are sold

to other manufacturers.

In all of its chocolate
product, Ghirardelli uses a proprietary blend of cocoa beans

that has been refined over the company's 150-year history to provide
the company's distinct and intense chocolate taste.

Ghirardelli roasts
the cocoa beans in-house
to ensure the company's signature
is consistently maintained in all chocolate products. They
also use a different roasting process whereby they remove the shell
and then roast the small nibs inside. Because the nibs are fairly
in size, they have more control over the temperature and time, so they can

get a more specific flavor. Other companies roast their beans before
removing the shell, which requires over-roasting the outside portion
of the bean in order to roast the inside. This could impart a burned
flavor to their chocolate.

Finally, Ghirardelli
uses an intensive refining process to ensure that its chocolate

truly melts in your mouth! Ghirardelli has no grainy feel because
we refine most of our chocolate flakes until they are 19 microns
hair is 100 microns in diameter). Other mass market chocolates are
to only 40 microns.