Yelp Toronto Gets Beachy at Local 4!


Beach, please! That's precisely what sixty of Toronto's Elite yelpers declared as they scoffed at the looming reports of dreary weather forecasts. Instead, the crew hopped over to Local 4 with Tilly hats, beach balls, leis, cameras and lots of sunscreen in tow to celebrate all things touristy and tropical! Sarah L revelled in wielding a glue gun to make silk flower hair adornments for all the ladies (and some gents), while Jon M had "the testicular fortitude to wear a coconut shell bra for most of the night," said Nikki C. Tony F forecast the evening's festivities by declaring: "You know it's going to be a good event when you get 'lei'd' before it's even 7pm!"


Yelpers sipped finely crafted cocktails like Cuba Libres mixed with Havana Club and pineapple juice enhanced with Malibu Rum, both adorned with – what else – cheeky cocktail umbrellas! They also had the opportunity to sample the brand new Absolut Berri Acai vodka three ways – with club soda, cranberry juice or simple syrup and fresh blueberries. 

Among the tasty bites that emerged from the kitchen at a feverish pace and headed straight for our tummies were hearty beef and mashed potato pies, ham 'n' cheese croquettes, catfish rolls, yummy pulled pork sliders, chili tartlets and crowd-pleasing butternut squash fritters with zesty scotch bonnet pepper aioli.


If only seeing is believing, be sure to check out the photos of the partygoers taken by Wendy Heisler as well as the candids uploaded throughout the night. More tales and testimonials from attendees in the official reviews of the party here.

Thank you to everyone involved & let's clink glasses again at the next one!


Kat F
Toronto Community Manager