Vancouver Tunes Into Tango at the Regional Tasting Lounge

Last night, Vancouver Elites and their guests were swept away in an evening full of tempting South American tastes at the Regional Tasting Lounge in Yaletown.

From behind the bar, the awesome staff at poured R&B Red Devil Ale and shook up Pisco Sours, "almost as authentic as the ones hand made by Vanessa G's
friend in Lima, Peru. It was the closest
it has come in Canada to the real deal!" Swirling with canapes, Thu N lists her "favourites: the chimichurri beef skewers, foie gras, prawns, oysters with
bacon, mushroom risotto, and tomato/chorizo… oh wait, was that whole
menu?! Kudos to the RTL chefs!"

With the freshest orchids and roses from Garden Party Flowers, yelpers led their partners to the dance floor, where they were treated to a tango lesson by Libertango before Gabriel and Monica took to the dance floor themselves entertaining us with both the tango and milonga. Beautiful!Dance

After taking in the twirling and getting a full nose of swirling from Backyard Vineyards and Desert Hills Winery, we were feeling rather charmed. So much in fact that three lucky winners sashayed away with Romeo and Juliette cigars from Revolucion, a Garden Party centrepiece and a Beauty Basket from Wink.

Larry L spent the evening partaking in the festivities from behind the lens. You can find all of the night's moments on the Official Flickr Page and read the reviews for yourself here.

Until we meet on the dance floor again, SYOY!

With.larryCrystal H