Twin Cities Elite Yelpers Play At The Concrete Schoolyard!


On what may have been the most spectacular night this spring, Twin Cities Elites brought their schoolyard savvy to the pavement at the Concrete Schoolyard party in Northeast Minneapolis.

Yelpers and their guests had their fill of gourmet street food courtesy of local food truck pioneers, the Chef Shack. Owners Lisa and Carrie floored the crowd with tasty grilled cheese and oven-dried tomato sandwiches, phenomenal pulled pork tacos with pickled onions, spicy shrimp gumbo, warm cornbread, peachy peach cobbler and rich chocolate brownies.


Guests also got a taste of SHE Royal Coffee Co.'s fair-trade, organic coffee, Ethiopian stew and tangy injera bread—FYI, the Chef Shack ladies convinced Yogie and Sammi at SHE Royal to start up their own food truck, keep an eye out for their truck on Nicollet Mall soon!

Crispin sampled their new Fox Barrel cidery, as well as their local cider classics. The pours seemed to grow exponentially and by the end of the night, we were practically swimming in hard cider!

4644486295_5bdb7f505d_b4644525509_835a97dce8_bConcrete Schoolyard Party

Newly inducted Elites were gently hazed into the fold by the Squad's
upperclassmen, but all the kiddos bonded over (surprisingly competitive) games of Yelp Square. Is there a Yelp Square league in our future? Most definitely!

The big Yelp burst made an appearance with a hodge-podge of hilarious props at the photo
wall, hosted by
Jessie from Photojessic.
Master of the turntables and all-around nice guy DJ Millions
(aka Ned Lampert) threw together an old school soundtrack
that had the yelpers movin' and groovin' 'til sundown.

Concrete Schoolyard 14645128966_a3f07db0fa_b4645118248_0e67d27aa9_b

Jessica from Harmony Hoops was the hip-swiveling life of the party, hypnotizing the dudes (busted!) and getting just about everyone to throw on a hoop! And as a special surprise, we picked up a barrel of Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison, a Minnesota-brewed beer that tastes just like summer.

Thank you so much to all of the sponsors who made this crazy new CM's childish vision a reality—and, of course, thanks to all of the Elites who partied like 6th graders at recess!

If you came out to play, don't forget to review the event on Yelp! And check out the rest of the photos on Flickr!


Annie D.