Sacramento, Can You Pass the Yelp Poupon

But of course.

First, though, let's start with a little note from Eduardo C:

"Who does it classy? Yelp does it classy! When I walked in everyone was dressed to the nines, the tables were covered in white tablecloths, and a string quartet played a mix of modern and classical music. Wow. Yelp was like a fun gal who cleans up well when your parents drop in unexpectedly."


Well said … now on to the main event.

On Second Saturday, the opulent ballroom of the Sterling Hotel converted to a drinking, eating and lounging hub where about 100 yelpers dazzled each other in a sea of black, white and red attire at the Black, White & Yelp Ball. A humongous thank you to Whitney and Nate at the Sterling! Folks looked twice at Brad H who came in a full tux and also at Darren M, who won the yelpiest dressed contest (which no one knew existed until he won). On the yen side of the ball, we give a curtsy to Elif F in her white beaded headdress and Joanna K for the little skirt that could. Yes, more of that, please.

The night had a shade of ginger to it too, eh? From very yelpy red dresses to the hot new Ginger Infused Skyy vodka, to a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire dance-off to Ginger Elizabeth chocolates. Yes, we covered all of the beloved reds and then some. 


Yelpers feasted on a variety of rolls from Kru and shrimp po' boys and vegan papparadelle bites from Tuli Bistro. A huge thank you goes out to Chef Adam, Jessica P and their crew for making it happen.

With the virtually bottomless Skyy, and Great White and Tangerine Wheat beer from Lost Coast brewery, yelpers cups runneth over. Special thanks to Cici Friday of Lost Coast and newest Elite Katee R and her plus one, "Coop" for pouring them like they do at the Merc, according to several yelpers. Hey, many of us knew exactly what to do with an open bar. Take full advantage of it, of course.


The Dolanc String Quartet, straight out of Davis orchestrated some classic tunes we actually tango'd to and the floor was filled with Tia Carrere/Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalikes. (Think True Lies. HOT). The stringed musicians also cranked out some Cold Play, Depeche Mode and other familiar favorites. Viva la Vida much?

Studio 18 waltzed us through the night with some fancy ballroom dancing instruction, leading fearless yelpers in basic steps of the Merengue, the Waltz and, of course, the Tango.


A whole slew of new elites received lunchboxes and left the party to do some more partying at the River City Saloon where drink specials encouraged very yelpy behavior like removing shoes, climbing up on the bar (or wherever) and singing our little hearts out.


Check out more gorgeous photos from our trusty photog, Wesley Davis of Beatnik Studios.