Orlando Has A Sensory Overload

Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are the boring ways to explain our senses. 

How does Yelp do it?

Vivacious views, listening enjoyment, continuous contact, sensational scents and terrific tastes!

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The Orlando Elite Squad gathered for an early evening to indulge their senses and had a terrific time!  The setting was a gorgeous French lounge: Hannibal's on the Square in Winter Park.  It was a stunning, high-end bar and sitting area that housed some amazing chandeliers and impressive lit up bar top.  The food was fingerling fantabulousness! Steak, Shrimp and classic bruchetta accompanied with gooey cheese filled meat heaven: mini burger delights!

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To accompany all the deliciousness, our powerhouse vodka sponsor was the Central Florida Local Spirit: Enlightened Grain! These spirits use small batch, craft distilled premium vodka infused with sustainably grown ingredients to inspire responsible drinkers to appreciate the birth of the liquid renaissance era of cocktail creation that is upon us, and invited you to experience vodka paired. We quenched our thirst with an extremely fresh and crisp Rosemary and Lavender infused flavor. There were so many amazing recipes to savor: Spa Treatment with fresh cucumber, Talk Dirty To Me and Canary Diamond. There were also the classics with a lavender & rosemary spin: Bloody Mary, Gimlet and Cosmopolitans.

SNAP! Orlando also joined the festivities and got everyone excited about the amazing event coming up this weekend showcasing the amazing photograph. The mission of the event is to boldly increase the visibility and appreciation of the photographic medium as a significant cultural art form within the
Orlando community. Snapping away during our event was a very Elite yelper: Maria-Cristina N with MC Nieves Photography! She showcased her skills and made sure to capture the evening with amazing beauty!

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To thank the amazing Orlando Yelp Elite squad 2 sets of passes for SNAP! Orlando as well as a bottle of Lavender and Rosemary infused Enlightened Grain was raffled off.  

We came, we saw, (smelled AND tasted AND connected AND chatted) and conquered the third Orlando Elite Party! What can I say? Yelpers know how to thrill the senses! 

Don't forget to review your experience here! And go see all the party pics on flickr!

Until next time…SYOY!

Colleen B