NC Triangle Elites Shimmied at Yelp Arabian Nights

Last Friday, Elites gathered at Mosaic Wine Lounge in Raleigh for sweet beats, sips and sultry entertainment. DJ Feinberg set the mood with some hot music while guests cooled off with Les Jamelles Rosé provided by Dionysus Wine Distributors and refreshing light beer courtesy of Heineken. Mosaic's Moroccan-inspired decor had every one digging the theme. Newly Elite Psalm S confessed, "Mosaic Lounge is cool…really cool. In any other circumstance, they
might not even have let me in due to my uncoolness. Okay, that's
probably not true, and I hope they do, because I'd love to go back
sometime!" Turns out, we're doing just that!

Safiye Sevim hypnotized yelpers with her skills… but not for long! Several folks got in on the fun (including my dad!) and learned a few moves of their own. As Ron W put it: "Dancing with the sensuous belly dancer? Double-check!"


Other yelpers took a journey into the past, present and future with Tarot card reader Maritza. I heard one Elite is in for a career change – and one may be expecting soon! Other yelpers congregated in the lower-level lounge where Paint Savvy was creating henna art bedazzled with glitter!

 Yelp-044 - Copy
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Of course, it wouldn't be an Elite Event without some silly photobooth stylings! A big thank you to Shutterbooth who came prepared with tons of props and even stayed for some of the after-party! What an evening. Ellen C sums the shindig up beautifully: "I had such a blast; I mean, can you beat complimentary wine and beer in a luscious, sensual atmosphere surrounded by dozens of your closest Yelp friends? The best part was talking to really great people
and knowing you'll have fun with them at the next event." Aww, we can't wait either!

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Thank you to all the terrific sponsors and hosts! Make sure to check out more photos (courtesy Phil G) from the affair right here. And the Shutterbooth pictures right here. Relive the rendezvous on the review page.

Heart you guys! Until next time, SYOY,

Christina G