From Kansas City With Yelp

The name is Elite. Yelp Elite.

The Mission: To blow the roof off Czar
for Yelp Kansas City's first Elite party.


Friday night, KC Elites and their guests stealthily staked out appetizers, including different varieties of chicken
wings and cerviche
, courtesy of Czar Bar. They also surreptitiously sipped enough Rain Organics
vodka and Buffalo Trace bourbon
cocktails to
make Bond, himself, unable to shoot straight (martinis were shaken, not
stirred, of course
). Favorites included the Moscow Mule and Yelp & Stormy (what else would they be?) Thanks to Emad, Heather and Jade, who kept those gratis drinks coming with sniper-like accuracy, strength and speed. They didn't even stop to breathe!


The Latenight Callers sizzled on stage with
their retro electro-noir sounds for the night. The best part of all was the mingling of close to 100 Elites and their guests, many meeting for the first time off Yelp! 

Elite yelper Kyle R's account: "The crowd was a diverse one, with all sorts of different people
milling about with our Yelp Thinks I'm Special name tags and enjoying
the cocktails, appetizers, great live music and meeting all sorts of new
people." We couldn't have put it better ourselves!


Many took pause to pose (with
gusto! Yay, Erin M, Lydia A and Chris M) for a 007-inspired photo op, taken by the lady with the spy lens, Monica Cole and some even dressed up for the theme (like the dapper Tiger W).


This is but a sample of the smashing set. See them in all their glory here!

Raffle prizes included The Latenight Callers CDs and copies of Moon Kansas City by
Katy Ryan. Elites made off with their coveted lunchboxes (which also make the perfect spy kits…coincidence?)


Thank you so much to the management team at Czar Bar for helping make this night happen, including Jason, Billy and Emad. And of course, thank you, Kansas City Elite Squad for coming out and…

Mission to have an explosive debut Elite party: accomplished, indeed!

Don't forget to review your experience here! And go see all the party pix on flickr.

Until next time…SYOY!



Joi B