Yelp Vancouver Discovers Where In the World Carmen Sandiego Is!

Vancouver yelpers may not have found Carmen Sandiego herself, but it looks as if many of her aliases were lurking around the brand new Cafe Nuba for last night's Elite event.

Yelpers sure had plenty of reasons for sleuthing. Like Nuba's appetizer feast of "delicious skewers of savoury marinated prawns,
grilled chicken, lamb, and avocado with caramelized onions, all
with mjadra on slices of pita." Vincci L "saved the
best for last… Najib's special (aka Crispy Cauliflower)! I swear I'm
addicted to this stuff!" Think it's fair to say that we all are!


If it wasn't the food, perhaps it was the drinks. Mark H went straight to "the 'One Love' cocktail with organic strawberries, organic Schramm's
vodka and agave sweetener." What a treat, and how sweet, to try Nuba's brand new cocktail, along with the Phillips Blue Buck and Young and Wyse red and whites behind the stocked bar.

Group by group, Elites and their guests made their way back into Nuba's
production kitchen where they "broke bread," which we later ate for
dessert. Meanwhile, trivia questions such as "Which traditional
Lebanese dip name was also used as nickname for Vince Vaughn in the
Wedding Crashers
?" lined the walls as the gumshoes,
spies and fugitives scoured the room (and ah hem, their smart phones)
for answers. But the winner of the globe (literally) was Sarah O. Way to know your way around Lebanese cuisine and geography!

All of the clues to this jam-packed affair will be revealed in the reviews and on the Official Flickr page. Special thanks to Raymond O, Vincci L and Larry L who chronicled the night behind their lenses and a salute to the most Carmen Sandiego like in our midst, Rachael T, who won a four-pack of tickets to the Projecting Change Film Festival for her awesome Parisian Carmen costume!

Until our next adventure, SYOY!

Crystal H