Yelp Honolulu Elites Are Late For A Very Important Date!

There was no time to say hello or goodbye on April Fool's day because Yelp Honolulu Elites were busy dashing off to a "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" at Tea at 1024! The little venue that packed a punch, errr we mean tea cup, managed to squeeze in 60+ hat adorned yelpers for a cozy evening of yelpy chit chatting!

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Yelp Elites and their guests nibbled on soft and nummy high tea sandwiches, mini desserts, cupcakes and a self serve candy bar! Party goers picked out their own tea cups and sipped on spiked hot tea and an assortment of non-alcoholic house teas. Although no one broke out into their own version of I'm A Little Tea Pot, we did manage to catch quite a few yelpers playing dress up in hats, boas and wings courtesy of Tea at 1024

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26425_1346163289102_1081871389_1021142_1579858_n 26425_1346164569134_1081871389_1021154_1301670_n
The Mad Hatter managed to behave himself, Alice sat down for a spot of tea, the White Rabbit passed out yelp stick and the Fairy served up cocktails in tea cups. High brow hootenanny mixed with yelpy tales of food frontiers in Honolulu? Sounds like a veritable Wonderland of yelpiness to me!

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Aloha & SYOY!

Emi H

Honolulu Community Manager