SXSW: Where’s the party at?

Here in Austin we’re getting ready for THE annual conference/festival/party known as SXSW. Being the music lovin’, soiree seekin’, iPhone tappin’ brood that Austin yelpers are, we thought we’d honor the week-long festivities with a few little gems of our own.

More than 200 parties

Next week’s list of events in Austin keeps growing and they’re all listed on our Yelp Events page. We’ve got everything from the neighborhood bacon takedown to free drinks at the mashbash, and even the Gibson guitar giveaways at the IFC Crossroads House. And wouldn’t you know it? More events are added by the minute. Decisions. Decisions.

Our nerds put the party in your pants!
Some of our engineers are headed to SXSW and they wanted an easy way to view all parties/events in Austin on their iPhones, so they went out and built one. Download our app for the iPhone and you’ll find a link to Yelp’s SXSW party guide from the home page. Not in Austin? Point your iPhone browser (Safari) to OK enough gawking – now put that back in your pocket.

Sxsw party guide           Sxsw party page

Yelp Open Party: We go out BIG.
Capping off a week of web wonders, cool flicks and juicy gems for your ears, Yelp Austin Presents A Saturday Stomp on March 20. Imagine: amazing bands, hundreds of music lovin’ yelpers from all over the U.S. and THE Ice Cream Man. Words can’t describe the evening we have lined up.

Party over here. Heeeeeey.

Kevin N. is a long time Austinite and our regional community lead in the South.