London’s Yelprechaun Crawl

A Yelprechaun (Irish: yeipreachán)
is a type of fairy in yelpish folklore, usually taking the form of an
old yelper, clad in a red or green coat, who enjoys partaking in
mischief, and copious amounts of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Like other fairy
yelprechauns have been linked to Willie Nelson, Crystal Swing,
Micheal Flatley and this

guy of infamous Yelpish mythology.

We suggest that you make it a plan4439971719_2098881659
If you fancy some
fresh Jameson (er, san…)
Stop being time selfish,
Cry "Kiss Me,
I'm Yelpish!"
And get ye arse to the Toucan!

The Yelprechaun
Crawl is nigh
So deck yourself out low to high
Wait, we're not
There's also free Guinness!
So parade with us all down
the high (street)!

To celebrate St
Patrick's Day 2010
, Yelpish London Elites honoured the spirit of the Yelprechaun (a
rarely seen figure of folklore frivolity
) by dressing in their
Yelprechaun ensemble and parading from The Toucan in Soho,
London's finest purveyor of all things Irish, to the larger yet lesser known Toucan in Marylebone.

4439971555_03247ec016The epic eve kicked off with a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey and a half pint of Guinness to warm the traveling band of Yelprechauns.

The parade route snaked through the seedy streets of Soho and down infamous Oxford Street, spreading the time honoured spirit of the Yelprechaun far and wide.



Once the yelprechauns successfully followed their noses and touched down at The Toucan, they were
rewarded with more Jameson Irish Whiskey, plenty of nibbles, and enough Irish
music to merrily jig the night away. In lesser words, a big pot of
Irish Gold

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors at Jameson Irish Whiskey and The Toucan for keeping the spirit of the Yelprechaun alive and well in London.

Big ups to all the yelprechauns old and new who truly made the evening magical! Read what they had to say HERE.

And endless thanks to our photo poppin' paps Iain B and Craig T for capturing the enchanted evening on film, which you can peep HERE.





Until next time, SYOY!

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Your Yelp London Yelprechauns