How to Learn More About Yelp

Some more news stories have run in the last day or two about the lawsuits filed against Yelp. Folks interested in getting the full story can read our CEO’s in-depth response here.
The bottom line remains the same: Yelp does not manipulate review content to help advertisers or hurt businesses that don’t. Never have, never will.

As we’ve discussed before, one reason businesses may get the wrong idea is because of the automated review filter we have in place to protect the integrity of the site’s content. We admit: it can be confusing. And as part of our continuing education efforts and outreach to the business community, we wanted to make sure you saw this video we created to specifically address confusion around our review filter.

Additionally, our second webinar in our weekly series: Yelp for Your Business, is airing today at 1pm PT. It’s an interactive opportunity to learn more about Yelp, as well as get your Yelp questions answered. Make sure you register here and if you can’t make today’s, we will be archiving these discussions — and you can also join us same time next week!