Silicon Valley Yelpers PLEY at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

On Saturday, January 30th, over 1,500 yelpers came from all over the Silicon
Valley and Bay Area to resurrect their inner child at Yelp's Silicon
Valley PLEY Open Party at the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose.
It was an incredible night full of tasty drinks, delicious bites,
hands-on activities, festive performers, and of course – amazing people.

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Skyy Vodka was on hand throughout the whole event, shaking up fruity cocktails for everyone. Anya R was a particularly big fan of their Passion Fruit and Pineapplade, while yelpers like Danreb V  and Nadia L gushed over Dee Vine Wines' wowing Rieslings and Firestone Walker and Devil's Canyon Brewing Company's cold beer.  Honest Tea quenched Vicky T's thirst, with their refreshing fruity teas, before she proceeded to bust out her dance moves.

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And the food! The savory food was not only phenomenal, and beautifully
presented, but plentiful! Yelpers excitedly sampled Bistro Luneta's Crispy Pata, California Cafe's "tasty meat crositinis, Crunch Catering's "Ahi Tuna Crunchy treats", Ginger Cafe's "scallop wontons and dimsum," Dio Deka's "greek meatballs," Madera's "succulent sweetbread morsels," Morocco's "crazy-good lentil salad," Morton's' "steak sandwiches with horseradish cream," New Delhi's samosas, Pampas' "pork tenderloin and chocolate tort," Park Place's "juicy and flavorful pulled pork sandwiches," and Red Crane's "salmon tartare." 

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For all of the sweet-tooths out there (and judging by the countless
pictures of yelpers popping picture perfect cupcakes in their mouth,
there are many!), there was a beautiful spread of artisan chocolates,
icing topped cupcakes, and ice-cream sanwiches.  Cece C lauded Ana's Creative Baking's guava cupcakes, while Samantha R raved over Jen's CakesShannon N swooned over Dolce Bella Chocolates' unbelievable passionfruit chocolate, while Laura F melted over Shokolaat's Don Juan – an
interesting combination of Anejo tequila, white chocolate, and
lime-infused malted sea-salt. Yum! And of course – rounding off the desserts was KICKS Cookies and Ice-Cream with their "raspberry sorbetto and peanut butter cookie," which "go together like sunshine on a summer day," according to Sharon M.

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In addition to all of the 150+ interactive museum displays such as the
prominent bright red fire-truck in the lobby and the corn husk doll making
station upstairs, yelpers Karen R and Melanie V were blown away by the out-of-this-world live set by the Bay Area's own Phenomenauts, a colorful Azteca dance by Movimiento Cosmico and an energetic hip hop performance by the ladies of Elemental Remix. While the DJs of Team Bluefield provided sweet body bumping beats, the local Pacific Art Collective, showcased their exceptional live art and also allowed yelpers to unleash their own creative juices on a huge community canvas. In
addition to communal art, yelpers were able to form their own own
rock-out musical groups with Rock Band and Guitar Hero classics on the The Busy Bus "Park & Play" Video Game Party Bus, parked in the front of the museum. Party on!

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The night was unforgettable in every way, especially thanks to the The Laugh Box's candid photobooth pics, ZatPhoto and Gopher Hole Productions
also managed to catch the action packed festivities for all those that
were a little too pre-occupied with the flowing libations and
delectable bites. Upstairs at the event Creative Labs were lending out their Vado HD cameras, so yelpers could capture all of the fun themselves. 

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Thank you to all who were able to make it out to PLEY at the event, and especially to all
of the incredible businesses who participated in this event and
helped make it such an action packed night. And an especially big
thank you to the wonderful staff at the Children's Discovery Museum of
San Jose for hosting Silicon Valley's biggest open party to date!

To share and read about all of the memorable PLEYful adventures just click here. Peep our Flickr and event page for all the fun pictures of the event, and watch this amazing footage of the event from Gopher Hole here!


Until the next event, SYOY!

Connie C