Nish and Ruggy hit a Grand Slam!

You tell us; is this the line for our latest San Francisco Yelp Elite Event, or the 6:45am line for a Denny's free Grand Slam on Grand Slam Tuesday? (Don't mind the crappy iPhone shot)


As you might have guessed, it was indeed the line this morning outside the Denny's on 4th and Mission just a block away from Yelp HQ. Myself and my esteemed colleague, Mr. Nish Nadaraja, made sure we weren't merely spectators for a momentous occasion like a free $4.99 Grand Slam breakfast before much of San Francisco even had an opportunity to wipe the sleep dust from their eyes. After enduring a light rain that lasted around seven minutes and making friends with some of the regular Denn-izens, we were seated in roughly 30 minutes time.

We're not the type of guys that camp out for hot concert tickets, and waiting in line at some flashy club is completely out of the question… but going Gonzo and waiting one-half hour for a free breakfast that normally costs less than $5 was well worth the Hamilton we both dropped individually for a cab ride from our neighborhood of NOPA. While Michael Pollan might think otherwise, gobbling up a Denny's breakfast of two pancakes, two scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon and two sausage links at no cost before the sun rose from the east was the best decision we've made since celebrating St. Levchin's Day last Thursday morning with 8:00am bloody marys at Gold Dust in Union Square (possibly the subject of a future blog posting, in-and-of-itself). And if you don't believe me, check out ol' Nish's review of Denny's post-Grand Slammy!