Chicagoland Elites Get Their Hands On Some Hops!

Close to 100 Chicago suburban Yelp Elites and their guests gathered at new brewery/restaurant The Lucky Monk last evening to celebrate malts, yeast, and hops! In between pints of the signature flavor-packed IPA and smooth-as-chocolate Porter, guests noshed on all sorts of goodies.

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Ahhh, the goodies. Our gracious hosts provided an artfully-arranged buffet of Margherita, Italian sausage, jumbo pepperoni and spinach and ricotta pizzas. And that was just the beginning! Party revelers also enjoyed the IPA brew nuts, chopped salad, hummus, and mini-burgers before taking to the chili bar consisting of Brew Pub and chicken-poblano styles of chili.

Yelp @ Lucky Monk 112 Yelp @ Lucky Monk 168 Yelp @ Lucky Monk 217

Bellies full and beer palates tickled beyond delight, yelpers mixed and mingled with familiar and new faces in the comfy yet sophisticated digs of the lounge area. VIP all the way!

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Be sure to read the reviews and peep suburban photographer Rachel J's pics!

Until next time, SYOY!
Jelena Z